For over 25 years we have been striving to understand the needs and challenges
of each client to develop high-quality customized software solutions
that enable them to achive their business goals.


The goals we have achieved



Job Informatica was born in Conegliano (Treviso) as a consulting company in the field of Information Technology and over the years it has developed as a Software House.

Acquisition of Comunicazione 21

Acquisition of Comunicazione 21

We acquire a new brand specialized in the development of websites, portals and e-commerce, as well as taking care of SEO strategies and creating exclusive graphics for company logos, business cards, flyers, labels.

20 years of activity

20 years of activity

We celebrate a milestone made possible not only by the team, but also by customers who continue to trust our work and see us as a real partner in the development of their business.

Business in Your Hands (BIH) is born

Business in Your Hands (BIH) is born

We launch our first product, with the aim of taking part in small and medium enterprises. Business in Your Hands offers to companies services such as credit management, B2B, CRM, business intelligence, newsletter and after-sales.

Partnership with OVH

Partnership with OVH

We become OVHCloud Advanced Partner, confirming a high quality service that offers a complete range of products, including all the Cloud services that OVH provides.

New projects

New projects

In the last years we’ve launched numerous products and services such as wellyshop, arök,, IN ACADEMY and wall·ai.


We treat every project as if it were our own and we implement fundamental values

icona che rappresenta la fase di preparazione


A solid company made up of true specialists with certified skills, which have allowed lasting collaborations with important companies.


We use cutting-edge tools and technologies, for creating smart and modern design products.

icona che rappresenta la fase di studio dei progetti

Continuous Study

To always keep up with the continuous evolution of the market, a lot of study and continuous training are needed.


A team of young, passionate and energetic individuals, who ensure greater responsiveness in facing everyday challenges.


When clients need help, they know they can talk to someone who can really help them without wasting their time.

icona che rappresenta la trasparenza


When requests are beyond our expertise, we can easily redirect them to the most suitable partner.


A highly consultative approach and close contact with the client from start to finish


Analysis and Design

At the initial stage, we dive into the in-depth analysis of customer needs and requirements to define detailed specifications.


Development and Design

We use the best programming practices and adopt an approach that ensures a rapid product evolution, putting the user experience at the heart of every design decision.


Test and Go Live

Once the development phase is complete, we subject the software to a series of functional, integration, and performance tests to ensure it meets the highest quality standards.


Assistance and Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive support service that includes bug fixing, implementing new features, and adapting to the evolving needs of the client.

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Request a consultation,
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Business Units

Discover our Business units and all the services we offer

banner che rappresenta i servi di comunicazione 21

Comunicazione 21

Web Agency


Thanks to a diverse team and the support of a network of professionals with specific skills, Comunicazione 21 works in synergy to manage every online and offline aspect  of a company’s comunication.

icona del servizio di branding di comunicazione 21

Graphic Design

Development of corporate brand identities: coordinated, homogeneous and recognizable images. The score is to express in words and images the spirit of the company.

icona del servizio di copywriting di comunicazione 21


Creation of high-quality web content that is useful and interesting for users, while also being easily trackable by search engines.

icona del servizio di sviluppo siti di comunicazione 21

Website and E-commerce

Design and development of institutional websites, catalog sites, e-commerce platforms, landing pages without losing sight of the user experience.

icona del servizio di search engine optimization di comunicazione 21

Search Engine Optimization

It refine the website structure, its code and SEO oriented content, to enhance search engine positioning that ensure greater visibility.

icona del servizio di social media marketing di comunicazione 21

Digital Marketing

It helps amplify interaction between users and the company by using all the tools that the web provides: website, social media channels, e-mail.

icona del servizio di foto shooting di comunicazione 21

Photography and Video editing

We design and produce creative shots, institutional and emotional corporate videos up to product videos for the web.

banner che rappresenta il marchio di in academy


Training courses in the field of computer science

Digital skills

The mission is to make training courses accessible and usable with basic professionalizing content, technical skills acquisition and development of skills gained from experience. The courses are aimed at individuals and companies.

icona che rappresenta la blockchain


Learn the basics of Blockchain tecnology during the two sessions organized in collaboration with BCADEMY.

icona che rappresenta la sicurezza informatica

Cyber Security

The course designed for individuals and companies adresses the main online dangers, PC protection methods and threats from e-mails.

icona che rappresenta tre devices

Basic Computer Science

During the course all the basics concept of computer science will be covered, from the structure of devices to becoming autonomous in using their main functionalities.

banner che rappresenta il brand id arokcloud

arök cloud

VPS and Domains


A service based on data protection, security and immediacy.

icona che rappresenta le alte performance in arokcloud

High performance

The team assembles and configures servers to achieve optimized performance. Our VPS are based on the latest generation Intel architectures, SDD NVMe storage and a resilient infrastructure capable of meeting any type of requirement.

icona che rappresenta l'ambiente dedicato

Unlimited traffic

The VPS traffic is unlimited* and the maximum bandwidth is 2 Gbit/s. These features allows you tu host services or applications that require a high transmission speed meeting specific needs without additional costs.

*Excluding datacenters in the Asia-Pacific region.

icona che rappresenta il backup illimitato

Backup options

Protect your data with the VPS backup options. The backup option allows you to backup your data automatically and regularly. The Snapshot option allows you to create a snapshot of your virtual server with just a few clicks, directly from the Client Area.

icona che rappresenta la disponibilità in arokcloud


VPS are the best solution for hosting business applications in production or pre-production enviroments. Our infrastructure provides users services with low latency and hardware availability guaranteed by SLA, ensuring a stable service over time.

banner che rappresenta il brand di wallai


Ai integration for business management softwares


Companies that embrace wall·ai will be able to fully leverage the potential of AI, achieve new levels of efficiency and make better and more informed decisions for the future.

icona che rappresenta la privacy dell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai

Data privacy

We make sure that the data are not directly used or exposed externally.

icona che rappresental'adattabilità dell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai

Speed and adaptability

By leveraging cutting-edge AI, it consistently provides real-time updates on corporate data, ensuring businesses instant access to the latest information.

icona che rappresenta il dinamismo dell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai

Dynamism and Immediacy

The system continues to collect and analyze the structure of corporate data, drastically reducing processing and learning times.

icona che rappresenta l'interfaccia intuitiva dell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai

Intuitive interface

With its intuitive interface, companies can integrate it in their systems without interrupting the activities, maximazing AI’s benefits.

icona che rappresenta la contestualizzazione dei dati nell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai


The system goes beyond the mere preparation of raw data, providing in-dept analysis and interpretation, allowing companies to acquire detailed and meaningful information.

icona che rappresenta la potenza dell'intelligenza artificiale usata da wallai

Analytical power

Through its powerful analytical capability, it allows companies to save time and resources, reducing data extraction and search requests by dedicated personnel by up to 80%.

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Request a consultation,
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